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Horney MILF

Added 2009-09-14 Good Rating 50.1%

My Horny Wife Loves Sex Any Way She Can Get It. Friday Night Is Anal Sex Night And I Punish Her!

Hot Mom

Added 2009-09-14 Bad Rating 49.8%

36 Year Old Woman, Mother Of 2 Boys. My Son Fixed Her Computer And Found These Pics On It. Now I Have Them.

Slut Ex Gf In The Shower

Added 2009-09-14 Bad Rating 49.4%

My Slutty Ex Girlfriend Showing Everything In The Shower. This Is The Only Time Her Pussy Was Clean.

Nasze Fot

Added 2009-09-13 Good Rating 51.8%

Nasze Loves It When I Rub My Shaft Across Her Tight Wet Pussy. It Used To Be Even Tighter When She Hadn't Had Any Kids!

I Gave Her What Her Husband Could'nt.

Added 2009-09-13 Good Rating 50.6%

Sarah's Father And Husband Are Preachers. She's A Hellcat In The Bedroom And A Massage Therapist In Baltimore. Look Her Up!

She Loves Her Toys

Added 2009-09-13 Good Rating 50.4%

Just Playing With B.O.B. She Loves Her Toys, And She Loves My Cock. She Gets Both Almost Every Night.


Added 2009-09-13 Good Rating 50%

Jason's Wife Always Wants To Show Her Perfect Body. She Is Pretty Hot, But It's Hard To Tell When She Is Sideways.

My Girl

Added 2009-09-12 Good Rating 51.7%

My Girlfriend Loves To Strip And Show It Off. She Is No Spring Chicken, But Still Hot.

My Sexy Gf In High Heels

Added 2009-09-12 Good Rating 51.1%

She Loves To Pose Wearing Nothin' But High Heels. She Is The Hottest Woman On Our Block. Those Heels Make Her Legs Look Great!

Oh Yeah

Added 2009-09-12 Good Rating 50.9%

She Loves To Suck Cock With All That Experience. I Bet She Has Logged Over A Year On Knobs.

Fun MILF, Dirty Whore, Likes To Dress Up And Rough Sex

Added 2009-09-12 Good Rating 50.9%

More Of Earlier Submission , Now With Face And In Costume. She Is A Dirty Milf Whore!

Amateur Babe Posing On Bed

Added 2009-09-11 Good Rating 53.4%

Cute Amateur Babe Showing Her Tight Ass, Shaved Pussy And Tiny Titties On My Bed.

My Hot Mature Woman

Added 2009-09-11 Good Rating 51.5%

Very Sexy Mature Blonde Showing Her Gap For My Camera. Once You Get Over 40, It Is Hard To Find A Gem Like This.

What Do You Think? Want More? Girl I Fuck She Loves Taking Pictures For Me

Added 2009-09-11 Good Rating 50.1%

What Do You Think? Want More? Girl I Fucked! She Loves Taking Pictures For Me, But Won't Show Her Face. Too Smart!

Good Times

Added 2009-09-10 Good Rating 50.7%

This Was My Ex Until She Had Somebody Else's Baby. She Is A Big Girl But She Is Entertaining.

Mexican Wife And Her Hairy Pussy

Added 2009-09-10 Good Rating 50.9%

Just A Tease Perhaps More To Come, If She's Good. This Is My Mexican Wife With Her Hairy Pussy.

Hot Asian Wife

Added 2009-09-10 Bad Rating 49.9%

My Wife Loves To Dress Up... She Is An Asian Dress Up Princess. Enjoy!

My Wife

Added 2009-09-10 Bad Rating 49.8%

Various Amateur Pictures Of My Wife's Body Parts. My Favorite Is Between Her Legs.

Fat Pussy

Added 2009-09-09 Good Rating 52.1%

Fat Asian Pussy Lips. This Is Just The Kind Of Pussy I Like. So Do All Other Jamaican Men.

Blonde BJ

Added 2009-09-09 Good Rating 52.1%

This Blonde Freak Sucks Her Boyfriend Yari's Cock All The Time. She Loves A Big Ant Snuffer!

Wife On Boat

Added 2009-09-09 Good Rating 52.3%

Friend Of Mine's Wife On Their Boat. I Got To Help Him Fuck Her. She Was Sweet And Tight For Her Age.

Laura From Denver And Michigan

Added 2009-09-09 Good Rating 51.5%

Laura Is A Slut From Denver And Michigan. She Loves Money More Than Life Itself.

My Best Friends Wife

Added 2009-09-09 Good Rating 50.2%

This Was My Best Friend's Wife. She Took These Pics Of Her Hot Bod And Then Sent Them To Some Other Guy.


Added 2009-09-08 Good Rating 52.5%

This Woman Wants To Be Famous. She Will Never Get To The US, But She Wants Everybody To See Her Hairy Pussy Anyways.

My Friend

Added 2009-09-08 Good Rating 51.9%

My Friend Is A World Class Milf. I Snapped Some Pics Of Her Naked In The Hotel The Other Night.

My Girlfriends Swollen Cunt

Added 2009-09-08 Good Rating 52.3%

She Shows Her Big Lips And Her Fills Up Her Tight Asshole. This Girl Has A Swollen Cunt!

My Cheating Ex Gf Jackie

Added 2009-09-08 Good Rating 50.9%

She Cheated So I Figured I Might As Well Share Her With The Whole World. Enjoy My Ex Jackie

Gorgeous Milf

Added 2009-09-07 Good Rating 53.4%

Gorgeous European Milf Nude On The Beach, And Sucking Cock In The Bedroom. This Is Living Well.

Redhead Ex Is Still My Bitch

Added 2009-09-07 Good Rating 52.6%

Sexy Redhead All Dressed In Red. She Is Still My Bitch, And I Am Still Abusing That Pussy.

My Perfect Wife!!!!  PERFECT !!!

Added 2009-09-07 Good Rating 52.2%

Yes, She Is Perfect In Every Way. My Wife Is A Better Model Than I Am A Photographer.


Added 2009-09-07 Good Rating 50.8%

She Loves Showing These Big Tits All Natural, But A Little Saggy. Gravity Is A Bitch!

Us & 3some Fun

Added 2009-09-06 Good Rating 52.2%

Me And My Girl Having Some Threesome Fun With A Friend. It Is All In Good Fun.

French Brunette

Added 2009-09-06 Good Rating 52%

Cute Brunette From France Strikes Some Poses And Stuffs A Toy In Her Big Pussy.

My Ex !!

Added 2009-09-06 Good Rating 50.1%

Nice Brunette I Used To Date. Can You Tell If She Has Had Kids? Nice Mature Vagina!

Slut  Wife Deejay

Added 2009-09-05 Good Rating 51.4%

Deejay In Her Sexy Black Lingerie, Posing And Playing. My Wife Will Be Submitting Lots Of Pictures.

Shaved Wet Pussy Abuse

Added 2009-09-05 Bad Rating 49.8%

A Nice Whore Pinching And Spreading Her Big Shaved Pussy. It Has Had Some Objects Inserted In It's Time.

Was Banging Her

Added 2009-09-05 Good Rating 50.8%

This Girl Hates Small Dicks, And You Can See Why. She Has A Nice Big Pussy. Her Hubby Has A 3 Inch Cock! LOL

My Wife

Added 2009-09-05 Good Rating 51.6%

My Wife Dared Me To Post These, The Quality Is Not So Good. You Get The Idea Though. She Is Getting Off.

Cheating Wife

Added 2009-09-04 Good Rating 52%

I Fucked This Chick While She Was Married And She Sent Me These Pix, Then I Dumped Her, And Now She's Fucked!

French Brunette

Added 2009-09-04 Good Rating 52.4%

Cute Brunette From France Strikes Some Poses. My Kind Of Girl. Drinks Beer And Spreads Ass.

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