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51yr Old Slut

Added 2009-11-06 Good Rating 51.1%

She Is Back, She Wants To Know What You Guys Think. Let Her Know. She's A 51 Year Old Slut.

Voyeur Me

Added 2009-11-06 Bad Rating 47.2%

Hot And Sexy Kim's Naughty Outdoor Holiday Snaps. She Loves It When I Take Some Voyeur Pics.

Is She Sexy?

Added 2009-11-06 Bad Rating 46.9%

A Few Snapshots Of My Wifes Ass While She Mopes Around In Bed. Is She Sexy At All? Does Anybody Want To Fuck Her?

Jenny From Adelaide

Added 2009-11-06 Bad Rating 45%

My Ex Jenny From Adelaide. I Had To Break It Off Wit Her When She Was So Hot That She Worked As A Hooker.

Ashley These.

Added 2009-11-05 Bad Rating 47.3%

My Tubby Ex Ashley Was A Freak In Bed, She Left Me And Took My Dog, But She Kept The Baby Too.

Blonde Milf

Added 2009-11-05 Bad Rating 45.5%

Hot Little Blonde Minx With A Little Extra Weight On Her. She Has A Couple Nuggets.

Michelle Slut

Added 2009-11-05 Bad Rating 45.3%

This My Wife, Michelle From France, She Loves To Be Naked And To Show Her Pierced Pussy.

Beautiful Wife

Added 2009-11-05 Bad Rating 43.8%

My Beautiful Wife Strutting Her Hot Stuff. Just To Give You A Sneak Peak.

Way To Hot

Added 2009-11-04 Good Rating 50%

Not Much To Say, Aside From That She Is The One That Got Away. I Used To Work With This Bird, And She Slipped Threw My Fingers.


Added 2009-11-04 Bad Rating 48.5%

Anybody Hungry For A Big Salad? My Wife Even Fits A Wooden Bat In Her Pussy.

Meg 35, Slut Wife Sucking, Part 2

Added 2009-11-04 Bad Rating 46.5%

Meg 35, Slut Wife Sucking, Facial And Enjoying Good Time. She Didn't Want To Show Her Face, But I Think You Get The Idea.


Added 2009-11-02 Bad Rating 49.5%

My Wife Is A Handjob Specialist. I Prefer Her Hand To Her Mouth. In This Economy She Should Go Back To Work At The Rub And Tug.

Elisabeth 40 Y/o Polish Slut

Added 2009-11-02 Bad Rating 48.7%

Eloisabeth Polish Slut. She Enjoys Oral Sex, Swallowing Cum And Masturbating On The Regular. Her Pussy Got Stretched By The Twins.

My Ex !!!

Added 2009-11-02 Bad Rating 46.7%

Cute Brunette From France Strikes Some Poses And Shows Her Shit!

Robin Ossimina From Allentown Pa

Added 2009-11-02 Bad Rating 46.1%

Robin Licking Ass And Pussy. She Loves Anal, Fisting And Rimming. She Is From Allentown PA.

Pregnant Blonde

Added 2009-11-01 Bad Rating 48.6%

Some Of My Wife Before After And During Her First Pregnancy. I Think She Was The Most Beautiful Blonde In The World.

Tammy AKA Tlouie

Added 2009-11-01 Bad Rating 48%

My Ex Tammy Had Her Mom Call Me To Dump Me. She Was A Fat Bitch Anyways. That Pussy Wasn't Any Good Even Before The Kids.

My Ex !!!

Added 2009-11-01 Bad Rating 47.3%

Cute Brunette From France Strikes Some Poses. I Was Fucking Her For A While, But I'm Glad That I'm Not Anymore.

Spanish Babe

Added 2009-11-01 Bad Rating 46.9%

My Wife Thinks She's Not Attractive After 4 Babies, What Do You Guys Think? Comments Please!!


Added 2009-10-31 Good Rating 54.6%

More Of Diana From The 80s. I Will Send More If Anybody Is Into This Vintage Snatch.

Big Ass

Added 2009-10-31 Bad Rating 48.9%

Just A Tease Of My Big Assed Girlfriend. She Really Knows How To Back That Thing Up!

My Exgirlfriend

Added 2009-10-31 Bad Rating 46.5%

My Exwife Ilija Babe From Poland. The Polish Women Are Really Hot Out Of The Gate, But They Slow Down In The Later Years.

This Drunk Chick Loves To Give Head

Added 2009-10-31 Bad Rating 47.2%

She Has The Best Tits Money Can Buy. Trust Me, I Paid For Them To Try To Turn Her Back Into A Spring Chicken.


Added 2009-10-29 Bad Rating 48.4%

Too Bad This Girl Turned Out To Be Stupid And A Slut. She Let Me Take These Pictures And Then I Caught Her Cheating A Week Later.


Added 2009-10-29 Bad Rating 47.6%

This Is Diana, I Was Dating Her In The Late 80s. I Didn't Miss That Snatch Until Lately.

Wife Wants To Show Off

Added 2009-10-29 Bad Rating 46.9%

My Wife Wanted To Show Off So I Decided To Let Her. These Are Some Of Her Best And Dirtiest Shots From Over The Years.

Amateur Pictures

Added 2009-10-28 Good Rating 51.7%

Hello, My Name Is Karin, And I Wanted To Know What Kind Of Man Wants To Fuck Me? Let Me Know Your Age And Race.

Ex Wife

Added 2009-10-28 Bad Rating 47.5%

This Was My First Wife. I Imported Her From Overseas. She Was A Good Girl And She Loved To Please Me. Nice Naked Body.

My Ex

Added 2009-10-28 Bad Rating 46%

I Was Hitting This For A While, But Then She Got Pregnant And Decided To Pull A Quarterback Keeper. That Snatch Is Stretched Out Now!

Faithe (harris) Boyd

Added 2009-10-27 Good Rating 54.6%

This Is My Ex Wife Who Liked To Cheat On Me While I Was In Iraq. Memorize Her Face. Faithe Harris Boyd

Hot Mom

Added 2009-10-27 Good Rating 52.9%

34 Year Old Mother Of 2. She Is A Total Whore, If She Looks Like She Used To Dance, That Is Because She Did.

Found These Asian Girlfriend Wife Pussy Photos On A Hard Drive

Added 2009-10-27 Good Rating 52%

Found These Asian Girlfriend Pics Of A Wife's Huge Hairy Muff. It Was Lost On My Harddrive, Enjoy.

Dirty Girl

Added 2009-10-27 Good Rating 50.7%

She Loves Anything Involving Sex. Especially If There Are Two Cocks.

Ex Wife Roxy

Added 2009-10-26 Good Rating 53.4%

My Ex Wife Roxy Was Half Hispanic And Half Italian. She Loved Doing Everything Sexually.

My Ex

Added 2009-10-26 Good Rating 52.4%

Hardcore Nudes Coming Up, Just A Taste Of Her Poison. My Crazy Junkie Ex Girlfriend She Is Nuts, Loved It In The Ass.

Hot Wife

Added 2009-10-26 Good Rating 51.9%

Here's A Few Of The Ex Wife. She's 39 And Keeps Herself In Great Shape. Just Too Crazy For Me Though.


Added 2009-10-26 Good Rating 50.8%

Vicki Was Someone I Thought Would Never Cheat. It Turned Out I Was Wrong, But I Bet She Thought I'd Never Do This Either.


Added 2009-10-25 Good Rating 51.5%

My Exwife Sucking My Dick And Spreading Her Tiny Pussy. Silvia Was A Dirty Little Minx.

A MILF For You

Added 2009-10-25 Good Rating 51.5%

Hot Brunette Mom. Only One Naked Pic For You, But You Get The Full Feature!


Added 2009-10-25 Good Rating 50.9%

Me And Christina Over The Years We Spent Together. She Was A Really Hot Little Number.

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